Eppur Si Muove


Good morning.

In less than an hour, Citizens of Los Angeles will join you in ridiculously long lines at random places you'd normally never visit. And you will be casting one of the most historic votes the country has ever seen. 

Humankind -- that word should have new meaning for all of us today. 

We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore.

We will be united in our common interests.

Perhaps its fate that today is the 7th of June, and you will once again be voting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution -- but from annihilation at the hands of a deranged psychotic narcissistic who only cares about his coffers and most certainly not the people he is brainwashing into believing his rhetoric. 

We're fighting for our right to live, to exist.

And should we win the day, the 7th of June will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice: 


Ok. I got carried away. 

So here we are. This is it. 4 months ago I called Dan up and said, “hey...it's my first election year ever since I became a citizen, (after 30 years of residence — LEGAL RESIDENCE — in this great country), let's start a political journey and learn as much as we can about Washington D.C and as much as we can about everything from the White House to the neighborhood council meetings at the Public Houses.

And let's share it with everyone one step at at time. 

In that time we've been nothing short of blown away by the support. From thousands of regular listens of our show, to the offers of sponsorships and partnerships, to the incredible friends that have shared their political brilliance, to the new friends that we've made through their desire to be on the show, to the rallies we've covered, the caucuses we've participated in (and won: #DNCDAN) to the phone banks, the polling, the research, the outpouring support and genuine, real discourse that we've strived to bring to you on a regular basis. 

But one thing remains, I look back on Dan and I, and can't even begin to fathom how little we knew back in February. I can't event think that we didn't know what a delegate was, what a super delegate really is (or shouldn't be — #DNCDAN) or what it takes to run a successful local campaign, an idealistic senatorial one, a presidential one and a PR one for a show that is becoming a tiny little brand that can.

We started with a phone call, and the idea of doing a few shows with 1 or 2 guests. Last week we planned, produced, edited and released a 14-person panel show. We started with the idea of having some political talks at a kitchen table and now we're mixing in field reporting with correspondents and hands-on interviews with candidates, supporters and more.

We started with a simple recorder and now we have a mobile recording studio that can track up to 6 people at once with crystal clear audio goodness. We started with a credit card and hopes of, “hey we'll lose a few thousand bucks but we'll have fun for the next few months,” and now have a sponsor and a partnership, with hopefully more in the works. We started with the two of us over a coffee and now have a staff of 6 that is slowly growing. 

This website is another beginning and we hope to fill it up with all kinds of content as the months go on and as the political climate gets harrowing, terrifying and inevitably full of vitriol. 

We purposely never called it SchmolticsPodcast.com or anything like that because we're dreamers, and we want to make Schmolitics the umbrella for all kinds of content that adheres to our core value. We want to bring you podcasts, videos, editorials, graphics, resources and every medium in between as we maintain that we're just two (3,4,5,6...) people who want to learn and in turn share that learning with you. 

I've been an American Citizen for 15 months, but I didn't feel like a true American until recently when I received a phone call from an old friend who had kept tabs on the show and it's expanding exposure. 

Friend: "Hey bud, long time no talk, do you have a moment?"

Me: "Hey! How are you?! Of course, what's up?"

Friend: "I'm good, a bit worried about where the country is headed, can you explain to me what's going with these elections and if Trump really has a chance? How do delegates work? What can I do?"

Me: "Of course I can, now I finally can.”

I Believe in America. Thank you for believing in us and giving me the chance to be on your team. Regardless of who you vote for tomorrow, we have a long fight ahead of us. We'll be here every step of the way and help you understand the intricacies, help you get involved on any level if you choose to, and continue to make you laugh because really, we're pretty fucking hilarious. 

I'm ridiculously honored, grateful and excited to get my little sticker tomorrow. But I'm even more grateful for Dan and the entirety of the Schmolitics world that we've created. I made the joke in February during the brainstorming phase that we were going to have a little political podcast baby in 9 months, but here we are 4 months later and we have a massive full blown family. We're gonna need a bigger station wagon. 

Thanks for coming along for the ride, now squeeze in here and make sure you peed beforehand because we're not stopping anytime soon. 

See you at the polls. 


Carlos Foglia

Citizen: United States of America.