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The 2016 California Propositions


Sit back, click on the playlist and enjoy our feature friggin' film length CA Proposition Special Extravaganza.

The Show


SCHMOLITICS  is writer Carlos Foglia and Actor/VoiceOVER Artist Dan Gordon breaking down the news with people that know more than they do.

Replacing internet rants with roundtable discussions and field reporting.

Including coverage from the floor of the Democratic National Convention, interviews with members of the United States Congress, and reports of local LA politics.

They’re seeking some truth from the passionate and knowledgeable on both sides of the aisle.

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The Hosts


DAN GORDON is a voiceover artist and writer from the 'burbs of Philly. He works at KCRW and is a regular on Comedy Central’s animated sketch series TripTank. He's been elected for two offices in his life: Co-President of his high school's National Honors Society and a pledged delegate for Bernie Sanders. Follow his journey all the way to the DNC in Philly at the blog #DNCDAN. @itsdangordon


PATRICK BAKER is a writer for Cartoon Network's Regular Show. He has also written comedy for MTV, Comedy Central, BuzzFeed, and NPR. He is the author of "The Presidential Dickerbook," available from Devastator Press. @itspatrickbaker

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CARLOS FOGLIA is an LA-based writer and designer from Boston. He is currently the Director of Rasen Falcon Co. as well as the Creative Producer for White Eagle Productions. Some of his clients include ESPN, NBCUniversal, The Blacklist, Amfran Entertainment and Brimmer Street Theatre Co. He hopes to be the next Idris Elba but fears he may be too street. @lacarlos


DAVID JETTE is a creative and business development consultant from New Hamphire. He is a big shot in both for-profit and non-profit outfits, including Innocent Capital Group, Brimmer St. Theatre Co. and Bottleneck Immersive Co. @sydiot